Why Our Meat

At Dany’s we do it all to assure you nothing but the best fresh meat.

  • Our cattle are raised at our own Farm 
  • Fed with our special natural formula from Dany’s Feed Factory
  • Slaughtered at Dany’s Production Center under appropriate Halal methods and human ethics
  • Processed and packaged at our Central Cuisine abiding by ISO standards
  • Displayed at Dany’s Butcher Shops following Q-Platinum Award international standards
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What We Sell

Our Categories


  Beef لحم عجل 19,000 Minced Meat مفرومة 19,000 Rump دقن اللحام 19,000 Striploin فو فيليه 24,000 Biftek بفتيك 19,000 Tenderloin فتيلة 32,000...


Barbecue Meat شقف للمشوي 35, 000 Lamb لحم غنم 35,000 Tenderloin فتيلة 39,000 Minced Meat مفرومة 35,000 Fat زور 16,000 Liver سودة غنم 40,000 Shanks...


Whole Chicken فروج 7,000 Chicken Drumsticks ساق 9,000 Chicken Legs فخذ 6,500 Chicken Wings جوانح 6,500 Hot Wings جوانح حرة 10,000 White Wings...


Defacto lingo est igay. Marquee selectus non provisio incongruous feline nolo contendre. Gratuitous octopus niacin, sodium.